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Don’t Wait In Lines With Fandango

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Regardless of how innovative TVs or sound systems become there’s still something to be said for going to the movies. While I personally enjoy the experience of Cinetopia, despite the fact they’re not a partner, I know they’re mainly a local option. For others, going to the movies means waiting in lines to get your tickets, waiting in lines to get your snacks, waiting in lines to hit the restroom and then waiting in lines to get into the actual theater room. What if you could eliminate one of those lines, probably the longest of them all, and possibly even save a few bucks in the process? That’s what purchasing tickets through Fandango helps with, save time and eliminate waiting in line for tickets at the theater.

Fandango Eliminates The Ticket Lines

One of the best ways to stay on top of the newest releases coming out in theaters is by visiting the Fandango movies in theaters page. Once you’re there, you may see what theater, and locations, the movie is playing and purchase your tickets through their portal. You can also look up cast information, watch the trailer and more on each individual movie. Once you decide which movie you want to see you may purchase your tickets ahead of time and either print out your tickets from home or have a digital version sent to your phone for even more convenience and time savings.

Fandango - Movie Tickets Online

I would highly recommend, regardless of how often you go to the movies, signing up for the Fandango VIP program. It’s free and the most important perk is having a guaranteed ticket with the ability to return or exchange it is something comes up that doesn’t allow you to use the ticket you purchased. You also get membership into the rewards program and insider perks including discounts and free screenings offered. Having a guaranteed ticket though that allows you to save time, skip the lines and return or exchange it if something comes up is the kind of peace of mind that you get from using Fandango.

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