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New Product to ‘Cut The Cord’ with Mohu Channels

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Back in February, I made the choice to cut my TV service and save the money I was for other things. Mohu was discussed about a month ago as a potential solution to get local HD channels. If you’re tired of paying for cable or satellite TV Mohu can be a great option to still get great programming without paying monthly subscription costs. About a week ago, USA Today wrote an article recently detailing their latest product release of the new Mohu Channels. We’ll analyze what this new product does and even provide a special coupon code to get $50 off your purchase.

Mohu Channels Transforms Free TV

I can understand the apprehension many people have about cutting the cord and getting rid of their TV service subscription. Yet, if you have Hulu or Netflix you would also have no reason for getting any additional equipment or subscriptions. Unless of course you had the ability to watch the Top 100 shows in the country, major sporting events, the best from the web and all of your favorite apps packaged together into one singular hub. That’s exactly what Mohu Channels does combining a device that allows you to get rid of your TV service subscription while uniting streaming and over-the-air into one program guide.

Typically the Mohu Channels is going to cost you $149 and then you’d have to purchase a Mohu Antenna which is going to cost between $24.99 and $149.99 depending on which product you choose. However, a special deal is being run with now that will allow you to get the Mohu Channels and Leaf 30 Antenna, which is typically $39.99 by itself, for only $99.99 when you use the code SASChannels. That’s over half off the normal price with this package and coupon deal.

Mohu Channels Discount


So if you’re looking for a great way to spend smart and reduce the amount you currently pay for your TV service subscription, while still getting HD content, Mohu is a very viable option to choose. Between the upgrade in technology, with the release of the Mohu Channels, the coupon code discount provided, and 30-day money-back guarantee, now is a great time to look into joining the Mohu revolution.

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