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30 Sites Worth Visiting for April

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As a way to give back, and go completely off topic, I’m sharing 30 unique sites that I believe are worth visiting in the coming month of April. I’m not partnered with, nor do I have any kind of personal relationship with any of the site owners. They’re simply a wide variety of topics, styles and subjects that I’ve taken the time to wade through, and pull out some of my personal favorites that I visit to gain inspiration and insight. How you choose to go through them is entirely up to you, but my personal recommendation, unless have the time, would be to visit one site a day, every day, for the month of April. If you’re like me, and enjoy constantly learning and discovery, then this list below will help you jump start your discovery next month. It’s my way to say ‘thank you’ for reading over the past two months and pass on some additional reading material that you may enjoy. Feel free to add your favorite sites that you enjoy visiting and I’ll be sure to add these to the future recommendations.

Calm – A site dedicated to helping you relax and unwind. Provides free 2-20 minute meditation breaks you can schedule at any time.

TED – If you haven’t discovered TED, their goal is to build a clearinghouse of free knowledge with powerful talks of typically 18 minutes or less in nearly every discipline imaginable.

Elephant – All about yoga, organics, sustainability, conscious consumerism, enlightened education, the contemplative arts and more on how you can be the best you can be.

Design Sponge – Hailed as the ‘Martha Stewart’ for Millenials’ to offer a unique perspective on all things dealing with home design and more.

Mind Body Green – All about achieving optimal mental, physical and spiritual health to maximize every day.

Tiny Buddha – Ideas to help with happiness, motivation, inspiration, love, relationships, meaning, possibilities, mindfulness and letting go.

CNN Heros  Showcases stories about inspirational people and what they’re doing to make the world a better place.

Brainy Quote of the Day – Daily quotes of the day.

Life, Tailored – How guys can have a first class lifestyle regardless of what your budget is.

MIT Open Courseware – Ever wanted to know what it’d be like to take a course at MIT? They feature actual materials from courses that would allow you to take the course independently yourself.

DO – Similar to TED, but showcases stories told by those that shake up the world they live in.

Seth Godin – Inspirational in that he writes a unique post every day with the goal of adding value to your day.

Guy Kawasaki – Another value added blogger that while less frequent than Seth Godin, provides advice.

Free Rice – A non-profit website whose goal is to provide education free to everyone while helping end world hunger.

Poetry Daily – A daily poem for inspiration and thought.

99U – Providing the missing curriculum for making ideas happen and empower you to make the ones you have great.

FiveThirtyEight – Some of the smartest writing I’ve read on politics, economics, science, life and sports with data driven conclusions for all subjects covered.

Mark Manson – Some of rawest self help and life advice writing I’ve read.

Zen Habits – Find simplicity in the chaos or daily life.

The Oatmeal – Wonderfully horrible comics, quizzes and articles.

Life Hacker – Tips and tricks to help you get what you want done in life in an optimized manner.

Who What Why – Thought provoking articles uncovering a different side of the news.

Uncrate – Finding the best of the best products for men.

Daily Tekk – Amazing tech website that interjects travel and lifestyle content.

The Inky Fool – Site all about words, phrases, grammar, rhetoric and prose.

Greatist – Helping the world think of health in a healthier way in a real, amusing way with scientific studies to back up every fact.

The Minimalists – All about living life with less stuff.

Learn Vest – Posts all about savings and money.

Today I Found Out – Random discoveries with every ‘surprise’ click.

Roadtrippers – For those interested in road tripping no matter the destination.

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